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U-PORT MANAGEMENT SDN BHD (formerly known as Pembinaan Jarah Sdn Bhd) is a private company incorporated in the year 2000. However, the company actively engaged its business as heavy machinery & equipment providers in the year 2004. U-Port Management entered into a contract with Sabah Port Authority (2 years contract) to provide the equipment and to support their containers, handling inbound & outbound container services at Kota Kinabalu Port.

In the year 2006, we expanded our business by successfully getting a tender bid for 9 years contract with Maskargo Sdn Bhd to provide ground handling services at Kota Kinabalu Airport Terminal. The services had been in operation till 2014.

The company is one step forward in the year 2008 by making a vast move to involve in containers depot services, which have now been our core business.

Our Inland Container Depot (ICD) is one of the best depots in Kota Kinabalu providing the highest quality of services with improved and acceptable ICD standards. We are strategically located at Kota Kinabalu Industrial Park area, which occupies about 18 acres of land area and is able to accommodate around 6,000 TEUs at any one time. We also have the latest & best-equipped infrastructure & facilities for stacking, storing & putting off your containers on a proper ground area (Cement/Concrete slab for 40ft / Tar premix for 20ft containers) and handling with sufficient & adequate equipment & machinery (High Reach Empty Stacker for 40ft / Forklift for 20ft containers) to minimize or reduce chances of damaging the containers.

Recently in the year 2020, we have expanded our business by acquiring a new depot located near Sabah Port Tunnel. We offer new services such as a public bonded warehouse and extended container repair service. Our new public bonded warehouse is the first in East Malaysia. The company will play a key role in the growth of Sabah’s economy by helping Sabahan and SME businesses to go for BIMP (Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia & Philippines) Trade Market. They can re-export containers or products of sales to other regions without hassle.

Moreover, in an effort to keep on par with the latest technology, we have recently rolled out a cutting-edge Container Depot Management (CDM) system which will digitize all our record-keeping and management, thereby allowing us to go almost paperless. Under this system, we have introduced a cloud-based e-portal and a Warehouse Management System (WMS) for our staff. In addition, we have introduced a new product called E-boxes, which is a remarkable mobile-based app for customers to easily track their containers.

In terms of charges, we quote our services at the best price despite the addition of more value to our customers & being competitive in this market based on the quality level & overall standard we offer at our ICD. We believe it is our company’s strength in deriving reasonable pricing to serve our customers with better &  quality services, thus winning their hearts.

Everyone within our business understands
our vision & mission


“To Be The Leading International BIMP (Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia & Philippines) Container Depot Services”


“To deliver the efficient and quality depot service through our professional team & depot container management (IT System)

Our Objective

U-Port Management has been very competitive and constantly working on improving their service level. For instance, U-Port now uses a smart program of depot management which we call CDM (Container Depot Management). This program offers IT-based solutions for information and provides an easy way for agents, transporters, and customers to track their containers in the yard or delivery unit.

Our systems are now automatically shooting a notification for those who need info for unit movement in our depot. Notifications are sent via email and/or phone messages. To further enhance our services with the technology to provide convenience to our users, U-port now offers mobile apps that can be simply downloaded to your smartphone to track down any unit in our system.

This is our strength which indicates that U-port could serve well in accordance with smart technology and modern developments. The intelligent services of this depot are managed to get the best out of our employees, equipment, and available space.

Our objective now is to be the first depot container that has the most convenient and modern way to communicate with people. We highly appreciate and would like to welcome agents to view and feel our commitment and provide us with feedback on how to further improve the advancement of container depot and create a user-friendly environment.

21 Year Milestone

Why Us? Advantage & Strength

U-Port has developed smart technology and adopted modern development since 2007, making it the first container depot with a 5th Generation IT system solution in East Malaysia as of the year 2020. The system can be accessed on the cloud anywhere at any time. It helps the user to track and trace the real-time movement of containers in and out from the depot, see the real-time picture of the container in the depot, do online booking, and generate a report of container movement and stock on hand.

We have built a second depot which is even closer to the Sabah Port due to direct access from the tunnel. In this depot, we have built an 8 Sqm Warehouse for cargo storage at normal temperature and an even bigger warehouse spanning an area of 500 Sqm for storing chilled and frozen products. With this new location, we are now able to accommodate 6000 TEUs at any one time.

Due to our strategically located ICD, we can avoid any traffic jam and thus the returning of empty containers to seaport are much more efficient & effective. We can do around 24 TEU per hour by providing sufficient Lorries and machinery to conduct the return of empty projects. We guarantee you that any late charges imposed by the port will be at our cost in case of late returning of empty containers back to the port, provided your shipping order must reach us 5 days before actual trucking. We are also committed to our services and responsibilities by entering into co-operation contracts with outside transporters to enhance the strength of our haulage abilities. For every work we do, we make sure it does not affect the peace of mind of our customers. We have dedicated a special 12 units of Prime Mover with Trailer in standby just for returning empty containers back to port.

We are the only ICD that provides very clean depot areas for stacking your 40ft containers in cement or concrete slab and 20ft containers in tar premix. This can avoid excessive soil or dirt from attaching to the bottom of containers.

We own five (5) units of “5 to 9 high reach empty container stackers” to carry 40ft containers and four (4) units of “4 high forklifts” to look after the stacking of your 20ft containers. All of these machines are well maintained, useable, and remain on standby all the time to handle all the containers in our ICD.

a.  Kalmar DCF Handler 8-10 tonnes (K93) – Capable to lift the container to 9 levels high & carry 2 units at once

b. Kalmar DCF Handler 8-10 tonnes(K94) – Capable to lift the container to 9 levels high & carry 2 units at once

c. Kalmar Reach Stacker(K91) – Capable to lift the container to 5 levels high

d. Kalmar Reach Stacker(K92) – Capable to lift the container to 5 levels high

e. Toyota 24 Tonnes Reach Stacker (T24) – Capable to lift the container to 5 levels high

f. Laden Container Handler TCM FD370Z5 (TCM370) – Capable to load laden capacity up to 59, 000 kg

g. TCM Forklift 8 Tonnes (F79) – Empty stacker lift up to 4 levels high

h. TCM Forklift 8 Tonnes (F80) – Empty stacker lift up to 4 levels high

i. Toyota Forklift 6 Tonnes (F78) – Empty stacker lift up to 4 levels high

We own six (6) units of plug-in point for reefer container so that the services for Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI) can be done 6 at once. These are also available to be used for Power Supply for laden container storage. Our 6 point electricity plug-in can support the PTI and Power Supply activity at one time.

a. CCTV Operating 24 Hours Daily

b. Registry of In & Out Container activity In & out movement of every container will be recorded daily from time to time.

c. Parking Regulations All vehicles driven into the depot will be registered. It is the driver’s responsibility to find and park in a valid parking spot.

d. 24 Hours Patrol around the Depot

e. Monitoring Temperature for reefer containers plugged with Power Supply

f. Checking Laden Container & Cargoes Provide daily report of activity and movement inside Depot

g. Escorts visitor and traffics control in Depot

h. Record every Labor/Transporter identity referring to Office Approval Chit.

U-Port has provided container depot service for over a year and knows what the customer needs the most. As the company growing in demand from depot users, U-Port has offered other services related to container cargo activity.

• Cleaning Container (Normal washing with water only, washing with detergent & washing with chemical).

• Container inspection and minor repair.

• Sales of used containers.

• Public Bonded Warehouse.